Corinth Object: A 1997 4
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   A 1997 4
Category:   Architecture
Category Code:   A
Year:   1997
Object Number:   4
Description:   Fragmentary panel of wall plaster.
Decoration:   Standing maenad on Pompieian red ground moving lt w/head in profile to lt; body frontal. Lt arm fully extended lt, holding brown tympanum in lt hand; rt arm back and bent up at elbow w/rt hand holding green thyrsos which continues behind head to lt side. Hair and pouty lips rendered in color similar to ground but shadowed w/darker reds and browns. She wears a purple sleeveless chiton girt at the waist. Folds demarcated by mixture of purple and white paint. Green mantle hangs across from rt hip, up and over rt elbow, behind back, over lt elbow, and down across from lt hip. Non-joining fragment decorated w/triangular fold.
Mythology:   Maenad
Attributes:   Tympanum, Thyrsos
Material:   Three coats plaster: 1, fine layer arriccio of sand, small pebbles, straw; 2, finer layer, no inclusions; 3, carries color.
Condition:   Fragment. Many joining frgts., giving figure from head to hips, lt arm and upper 3/4 rt arm; nonjoining fragment of lower body.
Dimensions Actual:   W00.08 (torso) L00.20 (lt arm) T00.003
Dimensions Preserved:   H00.19 (joining fragments)
Period:   Roman
Chronology:   Roman
Area:   Panaghia Villa
Context:   NB892 B101 P121
Provenance:   Corinth
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Monument: Panaghia Villa
Image: bw 1999 014 12
Basket: NB892 B101 P121
Notebook Page: NB 892, spread 63 (p. 121)