Corinth Object: C 1930 103
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   C 1930 103
Category Code:   C
Year:   1930
Object Number:   103
Description:   Krater with very small foot, body almost biconical with wide-flaring lower part, pronounced curve at max. diam. and wide shoulder, low cylindrical neck wide horizontal rim.
Decoration:   Lotus-palmette chain on rim, neck black glazed. Wide frieze on upper body: Herakles and Centaurs: 2 centaurs on either side of vase carrying pine branches; a siren, Herakles drawing bow under one of handles. Then, 2 wounded centaurs fleeing from Herakles, 2 pursuing him; under other handle eagle in flight carrying snake, with 2 males facing each other to lt. of eagle. Sparing use of incision: for hairon centaur bodies; no red over paint. Below, black band; animal frieze with 4 panthers, 3 grazing deer between the panthers and a padded dancer. Details of animals incised but no red paint. Wide black band below animal frieze, rays at base.
Material:   Light buff clay with greenish tinge.
Condition:   Complete profile. Complete profile except for foot and lower body, many joining frgts. Handles restored, and parts of rim, body.
Dimensions Restored:   H. 0.037, Max. D. 0.457 m.
Period:   Middle Corinthian (595/590-570)
Bibliography:   AJA 1931, p.413, fig. 7; Corinth VII.i, p74, N312; Hesperia Suppl. 28 no. sub. 93 p. 26
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Weinberg, Corinth 7.1, 1943
Publication: deWaele, American Journal of Archaeology 35.4, 1931
Publication: Lawrence, Hesperia Supplements 28, 1996
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Card: C 1930 103, side A
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