Corinth Object: C 1932 137
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   C 1932 137
Category Code:   C
Year:   1932
Object Number:   137
Description:   Kotyle with flaring ring foot, deep convex body, turning in slightly to lip. Two horizontal loop handles, tilted slightly, on upper body.
Decoration:   Black figure style. Double horizontal line at lip, broad animal frieze bounded below by two black glazed bands. Animal frieze: swan flanked by two heraldic lions, boar to r., panther to l., swan with spred wings to r. Filling ornament: incised spoked rosettes with double center, small incised rosettes, incised blobs, dots. Applied purple on mane, breast, shoulder, alternated ribs, belly, haunch of lions, on neck, wing and feathers of swans, on belly, neck, haunch (and ribs?) of panther and boar. Rays at base. Interior fully glazed. Handles reserved except for horizontal glazed stripe.
Material:   Fine light buff clay. Black paint, partly worn off at rim. Applied purple glaze.
Munsell Color:   2.5 Y 8/3 (very pale brown)
Condition:   Fragment. Mended from many fragments. Foot missing. Restored.
Manufacture:   WM
Dimensions Restored:   H. 0.162, M.D. 0.206
Period:   Early Corinthian (620/615-595/590)
Provenance:   Corinth
Findspot Description:   Temple E. Well 1932-4.
Bibliography:   AJA 1937 P220 N7; Corinth VII.i N250
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Weinberg, Corinth 7.1, 1943
Publication: Boulter, American Journal of Archaeology 41.2, 1937
Image: bw 2002 004 19a