Corinth Object: C 1937 620
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   C 1937 620
Category Code:   C
Year:   1937
Object Number:   620
Description:   Skyphos with small flaring ring foot, angular resting surface, flat undersurface. Deep body flaring at ca. 45 degree angle, curving in at max. diam. at shoulder, to vertical rim with fine lip. Two horizontal loop handles set on shoulder.
Decoration:   Exterior of foot glazed. Completely glazed except for reserved shoulder zone and rim. In shoulder: group of short vertical strokes in center flanked by ban of vertical lines. Circumference lines on rim. Interior of lip reserved, rest black-red glazed. Stripe on either handle.
Material:   Fine buff Corinthian clay.
Munsell Color:   Slightly browner than 2.5Y 8/2
Condition:   Complete profile. Numerous joining frgts., complete profile; missing ca. half foot, small parts of body rim; both handles preserved
Dimensions Actual:   H. 0.074, D. foot 0.040 M.D. 0.118, D. lip 0.111 m.
Period:   Protocorinthian (720-630)
Bibliography:   AJA 1937 P548, fig. 9; Corinth VII.1 P46 N157
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Weinberg, Corinth 7.1, 1943
Publication: Morgan, American Journal of Archaeology 41.4, 1937
Image: bw 4431
Image: bw 5189