Corinth Object: KN 10
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   KN 10
Category:   Minor Finds
Category Code:   KN
Object Number:   10
Description:   Very thin pinax with human figure on one side. Presumably MC, rather poor style which may be compared with a small pinax in Berlin (see Corinth 15.3, p. 243, for details).
Decoration:   Black and soft red paint. Black border at lower edge. Lower part of figure, right. Feet black, garment red (direct?) with incised edges and thin black borders.
Material:   Buff clay
Condition:   Fragment. One edge preserved.
Period:   Middle Corinthian (595/590-570)
Chronology:   Based on Corinth 15.3
Provenance:   Corinth.
Findspot Description:   Potters' Quarter. Well I.
Bibliography:   Corinth 20, 2003; Stillwell and Benson 1984, Corinth 15.3, cat. 1342
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece