Corinth Object: T 2420
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   T 2420
Category:   Miscellaneous
Category Code:   T
Object Number:   2420
Old Number:   P-1396
Description:   Squat lekythos with vertical ring foot, flat resting and undersurfaces, necking at juncture to body; attenuated globular body curving in to horizontal shoulder, neck articulated by groove, tapering to base of cone-shaped straight flaring rim with broad flat lip. Vertical strap handle attached to shoulder neck.
Decoration:   Black glazed over all, except for resting and undersurfaces reserved, red washed; groove at basse of neck partly red. On body, figured scene in red-figure: at lt. woman wrapped in himation possibly seen from back (?) with mass of folds falling down lt. side, head turned to rt., perhaps holding torch; at rt. woman dressed in peplos, moving to rt. but looking back to lt., holding a mirror up in lt. hand, rt. holds scarf down to side; reserved base line. Red wash on reserved areas, added white dots in hair of both figs., necklasce and bracelets of 2nd. On neck black tongues on reserved panel, separated by fine black relief lines ending in dots.
Material:   Fine buff clay.
Munsell Color:   10YR 7/4
Condition:   Complete or intact. Intact; red wash partially gone on figures; black glaze worn on foot, rim and lip.
Manufacture:   C20 WM
Dimensions Actual:   H00.115 D00.046 (foot) D00.064 (max) D00.033 (rim)
Period:   5th c. B.C.
Chronology:   Late 5th c. B.C.
Provenance:   Corinth
Findspot Description:   Stolen
Bibliography:   Corinth XIII P270 N418-10 Corinth VII.4 P64 N145pp. 3,12,16,61; cited Steiner, Hesperia 1992 P390 N.27
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Herbert, Corinth 7.4, 1977
Publication: Blegen et al., Corinth 13, 1964
Publication: Steiner, Hesperia 61.3, 1992
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