[Corinth Object] TF 111: MALE HEAD

Mouldmade solid head of a figurine. Thick neck, square face, slightly parted lips, long straight nose, shallow set eyes. Hair goes straight across brow from center part, knot in center, three horizontal ... TF 111

[Corinth Object] TF 268: DRAPED FEMALE TORSO

Mouldmade hollow in round of a standing or seated female figurine. Drapery over chest, falling from each shoulder in a V, reminiscent of the peplos on Tf 262-264. Position of arms, head, body unclear ... TF 268


Mouldmade open back figurine of draped standing figure. Drapery over left shoulder and arm, wrapped around body at waist and thrown over left arm at elbow. Right arm held against body to elbow, left arm ... TF 269


Segment of flat arc with double toothed ornament on outer border, spoke extending into interior. Probably part of a circular relief plaque, such as Tf 266. See KT 65-4 through -7 for similar double toothed ... TF 270

[Corinth Object] TF 271: TERRACOTTA WOOLY LEG (SATYR?)

Mouldmade terracotta cyllinder ressembling leg of satyr or leg with wooly pants. Groove extends length of object, with locks of fur or hair extending off of it to either side. Fur locks raised off surface, ... TF 271


[Corinth Object] TF 1: NUDE MALE

Mouldmade solid figurine of nude male, probably standing. Anatomy of chest well modelled. Drapery hangs over left shoulder and covered arm to the elbow, left arm was extended outward. Thick neck, oval ... TF 1


[Corinth Object] TF 26: BANQUETER

Mouldmade hollow figurine of male banqueter on couch resting left elbow on pillow; right knee raised and right arm resting on leg, drapery falls over left shoulder, right shoulder and chest base, head ... TF 26