[Corinth Object] LOT 701:05

White slip and yellow glaze inside and over lip. Inside incised decoration in slip of two diagonal lines radiating downward from an undulating line under lip; area below undulating line filled with small, ... 1961/04/24

[Corinth Object] LOT 706:01

Wash outside, slip and yellow glaze inside and over lip. Incised decoration inside: spiral circle at center, horizontal line doubled on itself on wall, undulating line on rim. Similar decoration to C-63-638, ... 2009/05/10

[Corinth Object] LOT 706:02

White slip covered by olive yellow glaze inside and over lip; three drips down outside. Three roughly parallel, horizontal lines incised at bottom applied while still on wheel. Above bevel of rim incised ... 2009/05/10

[Corinth Object] LOT 706:03

High gloss green glaze over all with small brown flecks in glaze. Similar color to C-86-37. Fragment. One fragment rim and body. Encrustation under rim ... 2009/05/10

[Corinth Object] LOT 706:04

White slip inside, yellow glaze inside and over lip. Gridiron in brown glaze on tondo with black paint outline. Band in green glaze on body: chevrons between two lines. Above are three black painted ... 2009/05/10

[Corinth Object] LOT 706:05

Glaze inside and over lip. Blue and black painting under glaze. Body in blue grid-iron; each square has crossed diagonal lines in black with black dot in center. Grid-iron bordered by line of blue. ... 2009/05/10

[Corinth Object] LOT 706:06

White glaze inside. Black loop on inside body. Black line on inside edge rim. Black loops on rim with blue in each loop. Fragment. One fragment of rim and body. Glaze missing on inside edge of rim ... 2009/05/10

[Corinth Object] LOT 706:07

White slip and clear glaze inside and over lip. One black paint vertical line on body. Black paint line on either side of inside edge of rim. Two black paint lines near lip. Blue glaze “swoops” on ... 2009/05/10