[Corinth Object] LOT 696:01

White slip inside and over lip. Yellow glaze inside and over lip. Green glaze line and spot on body, bled. Thick black diagonal lines on rim. Fragment. One fragment of rim and body. Glaze on rim chipped ... 2009/05/06

[Corinth Object] LOT 700:01a

White glaze over all. Inside reddish golden glaze decoration: large field of color, thick line around tondo area in which are dots. Clear glaze inside and dripped down outside. Fragment. One fragment ... 1961/04/24

[Corinth Object] LOT 700:01b

White glaze inside. Reddish golden glaze decoration inside: curved field of color, a dot, two curved lines, not enough preserved. Similar to C-35-435 b. Clear glaze over all. Outside red glaze spiral ... 1961/04/24

[Corinth Object] LOT 700:02

White slip over all. White glaze outside. Parallel blue glaze lines; the two middle lines have horizontal line connecting them like a ladder. Fragment. One fragment on handle. One side of handle missing ... 1961/04/24