[Corinth Publication] Corinth I.1. Introduction, Topography, Architecture

Fowler, Harold North & Stillwell, Richard ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Corinth 1.1 The aim of this volume, the first in the Corinth series although not the first to be published, is to describe the surroundings of the ancient site and then document the main buildings identified ... 1932


[Corinth Publication] Archaic Corinthian Architecture, ca. 600 to 480 B.C.

Pfaff, Christopher A ... The American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Corinth 20 95-140 ... January


[Corinth Publication] Apollo and the Archaic Temple at Corinth

Bookidis, Nancy & Stroud, Ronald S ... Hesperia 73.3 After a detailed examination of the literary, epigraphic, and archaeological evidence, the authors argue that the prominent Archaic Doric temple at Corinth was dedicated to Apollo. It is ... July


[Corinth Publication] Corinthian Terracotta Sculpture and the Temple of Apollo

Bookidis, Nancy ... Hesperia 69.4 Excavations around the Archaic Temple of Apollo in Corinth in the 1960s and 1970s uncovered forty-eight fragments of large-scale terracotta sphinxes.1 Possibly from acroteria of the temple ... October


[Corinth Publication] Early Stoneworking in the Corinthia

Rhodes, Robin F ... Hesperia 56.2 229-232 ... June


[Corinth Publication] On the Date of the Temple of Apollo at Corinth

Weinberg, Saul S ... Hesperia 8.2 191-199 ... June

[Corinth Publication] The Temple at Corinth

C., E ... The Biblical World 7.5 372-373 ... May

[Corinth Publication] Der Tempel von Korinth.

Dorpfeld, William ... Der Tempel von Korinth ... 1886