[Corinth Publication] Corinth VII.5. Corinthian Conventionalizing Pottery

Risser, Martha K ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Corinth 7.5 Corinthian Conventionalizing pottery is a fine ware produced during the 6th, 5th, and 4th centuries B.C. While Athenian workshops produced black- and red-figured vases, their Corinthian counterparts ... 2001

[Corinth Monument] Kokkinovrysi

Literally “Red Spring”, Kokkinovrysi is located at the west end of the lower terrace on which the city of Ancient Corinth stood. The spring is just outside the line of the ancient wall beside a road running ...


[Corinth Image] bw 1965 008 07

Conventionalizing Cylindrical Broad Bottom Oinochoe ... Heyle, J ... Film: Kokkinovrysi Film type: Adox KB 14 ... 2/1965