[Corinth Object] LOT 681:03

Seven horizontal lines incised along shoulder in clay. Fragment. One fragment rim and shoulder. Traces of burning inside and out ... 1961/06/09 ... LOT 681:03

[Corinth Object] LOT 684:01

Three ridges cut in clay on shoulder and one under rim. Fragment. One fragment rim and shoulder ... 1961/06/07 ... LOT 684:01

[Corinth Object] LOT 690:01

Wash over all. White glaze inside and over lip. Over glaze are three vertical bands of yellow, brown and black glaze. Over yellow band is black looped line. Above bands are two horizontal lines in blue ... 1961/04/17 ... LOT 690:01

[Corinth Object] LOT 691:01

White slip inside. Black paint Villehardouin cross with flowers between arms of cross. Similar to Lot 625 : 1. Metallic clear glaze over inside decoration. Fragment. One fragment bottom and foot ... 1961/04/18 ... LOT 691:01

[Corinth Object] LOT 691:02

White glaze inside and over lip. Metallic brown glaze decoration inside, faded: Spirals in band of brown just under lip, horizontal line and start of a circle (?) at bottom. Clear glaze over all. Outside ... 1961/04/18 ... LOT 691:02

[Corinth Object] LOT 692:01

White glaze inside and over lip. Three black paint lines below inside edge of rim. Light brown line along inside edge, above are blue glaze chevrons, and another light brown line; blue glaze bled. Three ... 1961/04/18 ... LOT 692:01

[Corinth Object] LOT 692:02

Ridges incised outside in clay. Fragment. One fragment rim and shoulder ... 1961/04/18 ... LOT 692:02

[Corinth Object] LOT 692:03

Slip and yellow glaze inside. Incised decoration in slip on tondo: three compass drawn circles overlapping slightly, connected by inverted ā€œvā€ shaped bands, spaces between circles and bands hatched, two ... 1961/04/18 ... LOT 692:03