[Corinth Object] S 2: MARBLE LEG

Fragment. Preserving lower part of leg ... S 2

[Corinth Object] S 5BIS: SMALL RIGHT LEG

Right leg of small figure with hand on thigh. Hand most peculiar. Beautifully wrought. April 2, 1896. Found in trench E. of temple at west end, 1m deep ... S 5BIS

[Corinth Object] S 5ter: FEMALE FIGURE

Female figure, flat. Possible aegis, but most likely Virgin Mary. Poros stone. Aoril 2, 1986 ... S 5ter


[Corinth Object] S 6: RELIEF: LEG

Slab, smooth on back, with relief of right lef with some object against it. Fragment. Single frgt., joining with S-13 and S-277, preserving slab with part of leg. April 4, 1896 ... S-13, S-277


[Corinth Object] S 8: RELIEF OF SEATED WOMAN

Funeral relief of seated female figure with little man behind. Woman holds jewel-box in her left hand. Fragment. Single frgt. April 22, 1896, in Trench VIII. J. 135 ... S 8