[Corinth Object] V 0: LEG

Mouldmade right leg with buttock. Hollow leg. Suspension hole on each side of buttock near top. Leg shapeless, slight modelling for knee and knee cap. White sizing. Fine buff to purple brown clay. Fragment ... V 0


[Corinth Object] V 1: FOOT

Mouldmade left foot and ankle. Hollow ankle ending in narrow slot in sole. Flat but unevenly finished sole. Ankle bones exaggerated and incorrectly modelled. Incision for joints of toes and nails as ... V 1


[Corinth Object] V 4: BIG TOE

Solid, mouldmade big toe from left foot, underside flat and rough. Nail modelled by deep, squared-off gouge in clay, knuckle denoted by two parallel incised lines. Fine buff clay. Missing parts. Single ... V 4


[Corinth Object] V 5: FINGER

Solid mouldmade finger; joint, nail modeled with incised lines. White slip, yellow paint. Fine buff clay. Complete or intact. Single fragment consisting of complete finger, broken at second joint, surface ... V 5

[Corinth Object] V 6: FINGER

Solid, mouldmade finger. Heavy and stubby in shape, slighly bent at second knuckle, roughly modelled anatomy. Three grooves for second knuckle, nail outline incised groove. Fine buff clay. Complete or ... V 6