[Corinth Object] V 226: VOTIVE: LEFT SIDE OF HEAD

Mouldmade face or mask, modeled flat to rise off of suspended plaque. Thin, shelf-like ridge extending to interior off of plaque face, pierced with one partially preserved suspension hole (if object represents ... V 226


[Corinth Object] V 227: VOTIVE: RIGHT SIDE OF THE HEAD

Portion of right side of face and hair, hollow, with interior smooth and finished. Hair apparently added as separate clay coils, formed into a series of raise, wavy tresses, worked so that the surface ... V 227


Small flexed hand, thumb in front, fingers long, slender and curled. Fingers seperated, no incised joints or nails. Boneless. Hand hollow, wall Th. 0.007. Closed at base of fingers. Red paint applied ... V 250


[Corinth Object] V 300: VOTIVE HEAD CA. 1/2 LIFE-SIZE

Head, ca. half life-size, wearing hair short. Hair rendered by small wads or pellets of clay applied to head, then gouged, to create impression of tufts of hair. Along top of neck short incised strokes ... V 300


[Corinth Object] V 301: VOTIVE HEAD CA. HALF-LIFE-SIZE

Head, ca. half life-size, wearing hair short. Hair rendered by strips of clay folded and applied to core of head, or by wads. Subsequently gouged with blunt tool to simulate curls. Along face (?) short ... V 301


[Corinth Object] V 302: LIFE-SIZED VOTIVE LEFT LEG

Upright left leg with small buttock, nearly cylindrical thigh, naturally modelled knee cap, slender calf, relatively thick ankle. Leg hollow with plain flattened lip at upper end; below lip a suspension ... V 302


[Corinth Object] V 306: VOTIVE HAND: FINGER

Life-sized finger, exactly which unclear. Finger extended, round in section and tapering to rounded tip with very faint rendering of two joints - upper one clearer - by slight swellings but no incised ... Classical, context mixed to Byzantine ... V 306