Corinth Coin: 1973 317
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Coin
Name:   1973 317
Title:   Roman Republican Silver Denarius of L Marcius Philippus, Rome Mint (56 BC)
Year:   1973
Coin Number:   317
Period:   Roman Republican
Material:   AR
Denomination:   denarius
Mint:   Rome
Authority:   L Marcius Philippus
Obverse Legend:   ANCVS
Obverse Type:   Head of Ancus Marcius r., wearing diadem; on l. lituus and inscription below
Reverse Legend:   PHILIPPVS downwards on l.; below, [A]QVAMRC
Reverse Type:   Equestrian statue r., on arcade of seven arches
Symbol:   Obv: lituus
Axis Clock:   5
Weight Description:   3.10
Weight:   3.10
Diameter:   19
Chronology:   56 BC
Context:   NB399 B35 P98
Findspot Description:   Lechaion Road; Shop 4
Excavation Date: 5/11/1973
Notebook 399, p. 98
Basket 35, NB399 B35 P98, .
Area:   Lechaion Road Shops
Notes:   Study Collection. Data Entry Funded by the Kress Foundation.
Coin broken in 3 pieces and mended. Very fragile
Negative 73-29-23, 24
Moneyer L. Marcius Philippus related to consul (56 BC) of same name
Reference:   Syd. 919c
Published:   Hesperia 1974, p. 62, # 163
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Williams, et al. Hesperia 43:1, 1974
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