Corinth Coin: 19
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Coin
Name:   19
Title:   Greek Copper/Bronze Coin, Pheneus Mint (400 BC - 300 BC)
Coin Number:   19
Period:   Greek
Material:   AE
Mint:   Pheneus
Obverse Type:   Protome of ram facing r.
Reverse Legend:   FE
Reverse Type:   Palm branch
Symbol:   Letters
Axis Clock:   3
Weight Description:   1.63
Weight:   1.63
Diameter:   12
Chronology:   400 BC - 300 BC
Findspot Description:   No provenance; Loose in coin chest right of window, .
Notes:   Study Collection. Data Entry Funded by the Kress Foundation.
Reference:   BMC no.6
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Image: digital 2011 2975
Image: digital 2011 2976
Image: digital 2011 2977