Corinth Image: bw 1967 080 29Late Helladic Iii Feeding Bottle
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Image
Name:   bw 1967 080 29
Title:   Late Helladic Iii Feeding Bottle
Year:   1967
Roll Number:   080
Frame Number:   29
Photographer:   Ioannidou - Bartzioti
Notes:   Film: Acrocorinth Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore, Zygouries and Gymnasium 1967 Finds Film type: Panatomic X
Object Name:   Z 351
Date:   1967-08-18 00:00:00+03
Area:   Zygouries
Media Type:   Black and white 35mm strip negative
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Monument: Zygouries
Object: Z 251
Object: Z 351