Corinth Object: FA 422
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   FA 422
Category:   Architecture
Category Code:   FA
Object Number:   422
Description:   Back broken, showing trace of small pentagonal kalypter; side vertical, then top scalloped to reflect palmette leaves. Front face flat, moulded, giving impression that front design was stamped into face.
Decoration:   Decoration of front face: left tendril starts from center, near horizontal, rises to outside curving counter-clockwise. Small palmette with small unbending petals. Palmette probably was three-leafed, not central motif. Central motif missing. Tendril painted black, heart of palmette red, petals alternating red, black, red.
Material:   Fine buff clay, slip slightly lighter, rough at break, mudstone particles up to 0.004 m. long.
Munsell Color:   Slip: 10YR 8/3
Condition:   Fragment. Front left third of antefix face, single frgt.
Dimensions Preserved:   H. 0.059, W. 0.057
Period:   Archaic (7th-6th c.)
Chronology:   Before last quarter 6th c.
Area:   Tile Works
Context:   NB185 P158
    NB189 P304
Provenance:   Corinth
Bibliography:   Cited Winter Archterr; Roebuck, Hesperia 1990, p. 52.
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Roebuck, Hesperia 59:1, 1990
Publication: Winter, Greek Architectural Terracottas: ... 1994
Monument: Tile Works
Image: bw 5555
Image: bw 8648
Basket: NB185 P158
Basket: NB189 P304
Notebook Page: NB 185, spread 82 (pp. 157 - 158)
Notebook Page: NB 189, spread 58 (pp. 304 - 305)