Corinth Object: S 1999 7
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   S 1999 7
Category:   Sculpture
Category Code:   S
Year:   1999
Object Number:   7
Description:   Statuette, ca. 1/3 life-size, of a seated figure of Roma, head turned slightly to proper lt., rt. foot turned out slightly, left foot pulled back, rt. arm down and out, palm tilted, open, lt. arm out and raised to height of helmet. Wears Corinthian helmet with triple crest, each a plain brush with groove down top, central crest higher than rest; cheek pieces up. Long wavy locks pulled back from face, curly locks over either shoulder. Face asymmetrical, lt. half flatted with rounded outline; oval with low brow, long incised eyebrow, close-set eyes with groove beneath brow, groove separating both lids from ball, drill at inner corner. Drilled nostrils, small bow-shaped mouth, drilled corners. Semi-draped with peplos with long overfold, pinned at lt. shoudler, rt. breast bare; unpinned part gathered between breasts and draped around rt. side; tied below breasts, covers rt. leg to above ankle, lt. thigh, rest of lt. leg bare. Over this a mantle hangs over lt. shoulder in front, falling in back in mass of stacked V-folds down left side, catenaries across back, pulled across lap in front, and hanging in a mass of zigzag folds between legs. Wears boots with roll at top. Baldric hanging from rt. shoulder, sword at lt. side. Sits on stool with plump pillow, 4 animal legs; heavy rectangular support under seat. Rectangular base with narrow fascia at bottom, top, and broad concave channel in center, on 3 faces; back smooth. Drapery has flattened and tubular folds, incised creases, drilled channels. Whole polished. Rectangular strut from rt. hand to stool, lt. wrist to shoulder. Drilled hole in rt. palm where something attached. Pose and clothing similar to pedimental statue S-827.
Decoration:   Red paint: hair, eyebrow, pupil, drapery borders; much or all of this originally covered with gold, traces of which still visible but most destroyed in house fire.
Mythology:   Roma
Attributes:   Helmet Sword Bare Breast
Material:   Fine-grained white marble with micaceous veins.
Condition:   Complete profile. Many joining frgts., preserving complete; missing right cheekpiece, tip of nose, 2 fingers of rt. Hand, part of lt. forearm and strut, bits of folds, stool surface at front lt. corner, part of rt. Instep; lt. wrist badly burned. Marble sufficiently burne
Manufacture:   F20 F HM
Dimensions Actual:   H00.592 (max) H00.542 (figure) H00.095 (head to base of crest) H00.055 (face) H00.050 (plinth) L00.255 W00.213
Period:   Middle Roman (2/2 2nd c-4th c AD)
Chronology:   Middle Roman, context 2nd half 4th c. A.C.; mid 3rd c. or later according to Stirling
Area:   Panaghia Villa
Context:   NB918 B95 P123
    NB915 B36 P53
Findspot Description:   Found in mudbrick layer under fallen plaster; lying on back, head to NW. Elev. 092.510 (knee). Coord. 943.60-944.00N/410.80-411.20E
Bibliography:   Stirling 2008, Hesperia 77:1, no. 6; Sanders 2005, p. 424-425, fig. 16:4
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Stirling, Hesperia 77:1, 2008
Monument: Panaghia Villa
Images (41)
Basket: NB915 B36 P53
Basket: NB918 B95 P123
Notebook Page: NB 915, spread 31 (pp. 52 - 53)
Notebook Page: NB 918, spread 66 (p. 123)