Corinth Object: SF 1932 3
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   SF 1932 3
Category:   Sculpture
Category Code:   SF
Year:   1932
Object Number:   3
Old Number:   MF 1946 lapsed
Description:   Rectangular box plinth with flattened resting surface, vertical face, horizontal floor. Two struts on underside, at right angles to front face, set ca. 0.27 m. apart. On front face, one complete edge of 2nd. vent hole, set 0.232 m. apart, H. 0.027 above bottom. D. 0.021 m. Floor of plinth extends back to body of fallen Amazon, preserved from right side, breast to knee, left leg from hip to heel. Figure lies on back, legs bent with left raised a little higher than right, shoulders turned sideways so that right breast rests on plinth, missing left up in air. Wears short fitted garment, beneath which a short skirt of undergarment, rendered only over left thigh. Greaves on legs. Long thin object now missing, once attached to left hip and thigh. Back of left leg not carefully finished. In front of Amazon, at l., left leg, from ca. knee, down, of male, to r. in broad stride. Leg in round from above ankle, below in high relief against torso of Amazon, only first 3 toes of foot. Leg bare, foot flat on plinth. First 2 toes ca. came length with squarish nails. Vein on foot by ankles bone. To r., lower right leg of male, in deep lunge to rt. Foot raised up on toes. Pulled muscle down leg to ankle bone. On plinth top at far left a long curving tail-like object, crest of helmet (?), low in relief. Amazon torso and legs hollow. Est. W. opening of torso 0.115 m., no interior struts. Legs hollow to ca. mid-calf or slightly lower, then solid. Torso open on underside, no floor of plinth, so presumably back wall of torso continued to level of base of plinth. Left leg hollow to instep; forepart of foot hollow, but communication with instep very slight; this leg not vented with plinth, nor with Amazon. Right foot and leg hollow, vented through plinth floor. Vent hole poked down from above, just behind big toe, then turns into foot. Figures handmade with superimposed wads of clay. Wall Th. averages 0.015-0.02 m. Fine surface clay several mm. thick; in places, as leg bone of left leg, grits show through. Slight discoloration apparent on right foot and right breast of Amazon. Firing uneven, in places discolored darker. Grits dense on surface of plinth floor.
Material:   Clay coarse core, hard-fired with scattered gray-black inclusions (no red), fine surface clay.
Munsell Color:   Core: 5YR 7/4 (pink), Surface: 10YR 8/3 (very pale brown) to 7.5YR 7/4 (pink - where misfired).
Condition:   Fragment. Many joining fragments preserving plinth, lower parts of figures, broken back and either end.
Dimensions Actual:   H. plinth 0.072
Dimensions Preserved:   H. 0.407, L. 0.744, Depth 0.294
Bibliography:   Capps Studies, pp. 318-322; Weinberg, Hesperia 1957, p. 306, no. 8; V. Bothmer, Amazons, p. 116, pl. 66.1; Wallenstein, Kor. Plastik, 161, VIII, 4; Walter Karydi, AA 1979, p. 484, fig. 7
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Weinberg, Hesperia 26:4, 1957