Corinth Object: SF 1974 1b
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   SF 1974 1b
Category:   Sculpture
Category Code:   SF
Year:   1974
Object Number:   1
Object Suffix:   b
Related Objects:   SF-1974-001A
Description:   Small fragment of wing preserving parts of two feathers and outer edge. Wings in relief stepped 00.004, surfaces flat. OUter edge preserved for 00.02 m. at which point surface flares outward slightly. Frgt. solid, clay wedges pressed against each other. Outer slip 00.002-00.006 m. thick. Surface good.
Decoration:   Feathers: alternating matt black and red offset by reserved stripe either side, black along outer edge of each. Outer face: thin black stripe at top, rest plain.
Material:   Gray-buff clay, hard-fired with moderate amount fine inclusions av. 1-2mm., fired slightly gray-pink core. Fine slip.
Munsell Color:   5Y 7/2
Condition:   Fragment. Single fragment broken all around.
Manufacture:   MM
Dimensions Preserved:   W00.074 H00.058 T00.043
Period:   Archaic (7th-6th c.)
Area:   Temple Hill
Context:   NB610 B89 P120
Provenance:   Corinth
Bibliography:   Hesperia 2000
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Monument: Temple Hill
Image: bw 1983 065 26
Image: bw 1999 019 33
Basket: NB610 B89 P120
Notebook Page: NB 610, spread 65 (p. 120)