Corinth Object: SF 21
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   SF 21
Category:   Sculpture
Category Code:   SF
Object Number:   21
Old Number:   MF-13117 (lapsed)
Description:   Single fragment from right breast of Nike, somewhat under life-size. Preserved is breast, cleavage and start of swell of left breast. Wears himation draped diagonally from right shoulder, with series of stacked folds covering breast. Single forelock falls over axis of breast in flat zigzag applied to surface Statue hollow with break for central strut running vertically the length of the torso; to left of strut traces of plug, possible second plug to rt. Coarse clay applied in layers, with folds blocked out in coarse, covered with fine slip. Hair in fine clay only.
Decoration:   Faint traces red-brown paint on himation folds. Surface of chest matt, possibly chiton.
Mythology:   Nike
Material:   Coarse clay with dense admixture chiefly coarse, some fine black inclusions, a few red, fired purplish at core, surfa slip gray-green.
Munsell Color:   Slip ca. 5Y 7/2 2.5YR 6/3-6/4 core
Condition:   Fragment. Single fragment broken all around surface worn in places.
Manufacture:   01 F HM
Dimensions Actual:   T00.019-00.041
Dimensions Preserved:   H00.127
Period:   Archaic (7th-6th c.)
Chronology:   Second half sixth century B.C.
Area:   Argive Heraion
Context:   Argive Heraion, In box sent from National Museum of Corinth finds,
Provenance:   Argos or Corinth
Bibliography:   VanBuren, GFR P168 N5 ? from West Slope
Site:   Argive Heraion
City:   Heraio
Country:   Greece
References:   Monument: Argive Heraion
Basket: Argive Heraion, In box sent from National Museum of Corinth finds,