Corinth Object: Z 192
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Object
Name:   Z 192
Category:   Miscellaneous
Category Code:   Z
Object Number:   192
Description:   Fragment of the forepart of a bird. It may be from an unusual pot in the sape of a bird, since the base of what may have been a large handle appears just behind the neck; this must have been a fairly high, curved basket-handle. But as no trace of a mouth appears to make the dientification as a vase certain, the fragment is included here among the miscellaneous objects of terracotta. In spite of the absence of the beak, the fragmentary condition, and the rather poor technique, the bird's head has a very naturalistic appearance. This may be due in part to the eyes, which are made of circular pellets of clay, applied plastically on each side of the head. (Blegen, Zygouries, pg 186)
Decoration:   The surface is covered with a coat of glaze of varying thickness in the usual poor style of the later glazed ware, Group B II. It is mainly brown and brownish black in color, depending on the thickness of the glaze, but a splotch of red on the breast betrays the style of mottled ware. (Blegen, Zygouries, pg 186)
Material:   Coarse buff clay, not fired to a high degree of hardness
Condition:   Fragment. Head and chest only preserved; beak missing
Period:   Early Helladic
Findspot Description:   Below floor of EH house in Trench V, Zygouries
Bibliography:   Zygouries page 186; pl XXI.2
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Blegen, Zygouries: a prehistoric settlement ... 1928