Corinth Publication: Carpenter & Bon, Corinth 3.2, 1936
Collection:   Corinth
Name:   Carpenter & Bon, Corinth 3.2, 1936
Title:   Corinth III.2. The Defenses of Acrocorinth and the Lower Town
Author:   Carpenter, Rhys & Bon, Antoine
Series Title:   Corinth
Volume:   3.2
Publication Place:   Cambridge, Mass.
Publisher:   American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Date:   1936
Abstract:   The defensive walls that surrounded both the site of ancient Corinth and the citadel of Acrocorinth above it are the focus of this volume. The book starts with a detailed account of the classical fortifications on Acrocorinth. A narrative tracing the walls of the city is supplemented by an account of small-scale excavations in the northeast sector. The long walls to Lechaion protected traffic between the port and Corinth and these are discussed next. The book concludes with the description and discussion of the Byzantine, medieval, and later walls of Acrocorinth, an important strategic location from prehistory to the Ottoman period.
Area:   Acrocorinth
    City Wall
ISBN:   978-0-87661-032-9
References:   Monument: Acrocorinth
Monument: City Wall
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