Corinth Publication: Johnson, Corinth 9.1, 1931
Collection:   Corinth
Name:   Johnson, Corinth 9.1, 1931
Title:   Corinth IX.1. Sculpture, 1896-1923
Author:   Johnson, Franklin P.
Series Title:   Corinth
Volume:   9.1
Publication Place:   Cambridge, Mass.
Publisher:   American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Date:   1931
Abstract:   The catalogue of 332 pieces of sculpture reflects the discoveries made in Corinth between 1896 and 1923. Two of the pieces found are Mycenaean but most belong to the Roman period, reflecting the extent of the devastation of the Greek city wrought by the Roman general Mummius. Although few of the pieces in the volume are of high artistic merit, the range of pieces illustrated gives a good impression of the repertoire of sculpture to be found in a provincial Greek town in Roman times. Imperial and honorary statues are more numerous than those of gods, among whom Apollo and the Muses, Aphrodite, Dionysos and his thiasos, and Cybele play a prominent part.
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