[Corinth Object] KL 101: LAMP

Lamp of Broneer Type IV with vertical convex walls, wide incurving rim with rounded lip. Nozzle is fairly square and very thin vertically. Similar to KL 23 from Stelai Shrine A and KL 99 and KL 100, also ... Mid 5th c. B.C. (Stillwell 1952, Corinth 15.2, p. 262, cat. 60) ... KL


[Corinth Object] KL 102: IMPORTED LAMP, ATTIC ? HOWLAND 16B

Lamp with flat bottom curving into low body with vertical profile, broad flat rim, projecting well beyond body and sloping down slightly to moderate fill hole; base of nozzle with large wick hole that ... 2nd half 6th c. B.C ... KL


[Corinth Object] KL 103: LAMP BRONEER TYPE II

Lamp with concave bottom curving into body that tapers slightly to base of broad overhanging rim that slants down to small fill hole. Broneer Type II, Howland 16B. Thin brown (or self-slip) wash on exterior, ... 525-480 B.C ... KL 103

[Corinth Object] KL 104: LAMP

Potters' Quarter. Cistern (?) ... KL 104

[Corinth Object] KL 105: LAMP TYPE VI

Fragment. Potters' Quarter. Trench I ... KL 105

[Corinth Object] KL 106: LAMP

Potters' Quarter. South Long Building, opposite Stelai Shrine A ... KL


[Corinth Object] KL 107: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with low flaring ring foot, broad flat resting surface, nippled undersurface. Globular body, offset broad flat rim that projects on exterior no farther than body and overhangs interior. Horizontal ... late 7th to early 6th c. B.C ... KL


[Corinth Object] KL 107b: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with low vertical ring foot, broad resting surface, flat undersurface. Globular body that projects well beyond foot, articulated flat rim that projects slightly less than body on exterior and overhangs ... late 7th to 6th c. B.C ... KL 107b