[Corinth Object] KL 196: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with disk foot, straight flaring body to max. diam. at 0.017, from which contracts with straight profile to narrow flat rim that overhangs slightly on interior only, slanting down to large fill hole ... late 7th-early 6th c ... KL 196


[Corinth Object] KL 197: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with flat base, body flares out to H. 0.006, then rises vertically to narrow inward thickened rim, surface of which flat but rises toward large fill hole. Stumps of horizontal loop handle attached ... late 7th-early 6th c., deposit c. mid 5th c. B.C ... KL

[Corinth Object] KL 198: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with flaring ring foot, flat resting and undersurface; shallow straight flaring body to max. diam. (H. 0.012) then contracting to base of broad flat rim, overhanging on exterior no further than body ... 6th c. B.C ... KL 198


[Corinth Object] KL 199: LAMP BRONEER TYPE III

Lamp with rounded bottom, curves up to sharply articulated vertical body, sharply articulated broad flat rim that overhangs interior only with raised lip surrounding moderate fill hole. Horizontal lug ... early 5th c. B.C ... KL 199


[Corinth Object] KL 200: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with rounded bottom, curving into globular body, slightly everted narrow flat rim no thicker than body wall. Vertical strap handle attached to max. diam. And rim, rising above rim. Paring marks on ... late 7th or early 6th c. BC ... KL


[Corinth Object] KL 201: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Wheelmade lamp with flat bottom, biconical body, narrow flat rim, large fill hole, edge of nozzle. For type, see Stillwell 1952, Corinth 15.2, p. 255, cat. 9 (KL-179), from Well I. Moderately well-compacted, ... late 7th-beginning 6th c. B.C ... KL