[Corinth Object] SF 1974 1b: TERRACOTTA SPHINX: WING

Small fragment of wing preserving parts of two feathers and outer edge. Wings in relief stepped 00.004, surfaces flat. OUter edge preserved for 00.02 m. at which point surface flares outward slightly ... 1974/08/13 ... SF


[Corinth Object] SF 1974 2: RIGHT WING OF SPHINX

Tip of feather from right sphinx wing, edge of second. Feathers stepped with deep V-shaped channel setting off flat framing band from flat face of feather proper. Outer edge flat, rounded in back to ... 1974/07/10 ... SF


[Corinth Object] SF 1974 3: HEAD: HAIR

Fragment preserves segment of hair with 7 rows of wavy zigzag locks and poss. bit of forehead. Not clear whether lt. or rt. side. Waves tighter toward face, looser at top of head. Broken at back along ... Third quarter 6th BC ... SF 1974 3


[Corinth Object] SF 1974 5a: PLAQUE ?

Two finished surfaces, one decorated, the other plain, are joined by a strut 00.013m. Thick, leaving an airspace of ca. 1cm. between them. The plain face is roughly flat, its surface wet-smoothed with ... ? ... SF

[Corinth Object] SF 1974 5b: PLAQUE ?

Cf. SF-1974-005A. Fragment. Single frgt., broken all edges, upper face only ... 1972 ... SF 1974 5b


[Corinth Object] SF 1975 3: TERRACOTTA SPHINX: LEG

Leg of sphinx, poss. right, preserving outside half from ca. middle. with smooth outer contour, marked shin bone set off deep concavity on front, slight in back. Hollow, central hole D00.020, wall thickness ... 1975/07/22 ... SF


[Corinth Object] SF 1975 4: TERRACOTTA SPHINX: CLAW

Single toe from paw of large sphinx. Toe very high with flat round pad, agianst which nail cut in high relief but not free. Start of smaller toe to proper lt., Broken to proper rt. Prob. from same sphinx ... 1975/07/18 ... SF 1975 4