[Corinth Object] Z 25: SAUCEBOAT

Fragment. Fragment of sauceboat Zygouries ... Z


[Corinth Object] Z 26: SAUCEBOAT

red glaze outside and around rim inside Reddish clay; red glaze Complete profile. part of spout missing, part of side and bit of back RIP. Zygouries ... Z


[Corinth Object] Z 27: SAUCEBOAT

Poor glaze outside and around rim inside Buff clay; glazed Complete profile. large part of side part of spout and back RIP Zygouries ... Z 27


[Corinth Object] Z 28: SAUCEBOAT

Class B II (Glazed, completely covered ware) according to Blegen (Zygouries); The whole body slopes steeply upward toward the spout; the spout, which had moderate tips, is sharply rolled at the end. The ... Z 28


[Corinth Object] Z 30: DIPPER

Buff clay Complete profile. Part of handle and bowl missing Zygouries ... Z 30


[Corinth Object] Z 31: SAUCEBOAT

Red glaze Buff clay; red glaze Fragment. Fragmentary- spout, rim and body only Zygouries ... Z


[Corinth Object] Z 32: SAUCEBOAT

Complete or intact. Restored to complete vessel Zygouries ... Z