[Corinth Report] Nezi Field 2012 by George, Charles; Valente, Rossana (2012-06-26 to 2012-06-27): 2012 Session 3 Team Blue Final Summary

Charles George, Rossana Valente Nezi Field Excavations N: 1015.90 N, S: 1006.90 N, E: 264.20 E, W: 255.50 E 28 May – 22 June, 2012 This is a final summary of the third season of excavation (28th May – ... Giambouranis house (NB 252, NB 262,

[Corinth Report] Temple E, Southeast 2015 by Sitz, Anna and Katz, Philip (2015-06-02 to 2015-06-26): Unit 2, Room 9: later half of thirteenth century and earlier cistern; Unit 2, Room 6: Frankish burials and 13th century surfaces

Session III Unit 2, Room 9 N: 1086.73, S: 1079.10, E: 132.85, W: 126.83 Unit 2, Room 6 N: 1085.00, S: 1077.00, E: 120.70, W: 116.85 This is the final summary of the third excavation session for 2015 in ... been excavated in 1996 (NB ... prior to that, the area had been excavated in 1996 (NB

[Corinth Report] Temple E, Southeast 2016 by Kaitlyn Stiles (2016-05-04 to 2016-06-25): Session II and III Final Report: Interior of the Church in Unit 2 of the Frankish Quarter

Introduction: This is the finalreport of the second and third sessions for the excavation of the interior of the church in Unit 2 of the Frankish Quarter of the Temple E, southeast area. Guy Sanders ... previously excavated in 1990 (NB ... 1990 field season (NB 828 ... (NB828, 829, and 835) and was


[Corinth Object] C 1947 790

1947/09/16 ... NB191 P160 ... Edwards 1975, Corinth 7.3, cat. 919



Cylindrical neck, outward thickened rim, vertical strap handle curving down from neck, slightly oval in section. stamp. Oval stamp on outer curve of handle: charging bull on ground line, facing right ... 5? 4th cent. B.C.?, Context mid. 5th cent. A.C ... NB919 B1 P7


[Corinth Object] C 1999 17: AFRICAN RED SLIP HAYES BOWL FORM 99 VARIANT 106

Large bowl with straight flaring wall, folded rim with thick round lip. Orange red slip on interior and over rim. Possibly thinly applied to body exterior. Fine red clay with few small and medium white, ... Late Roman, Context first half 7th cent. AD ... NB919 B10 P31

[Corinth Object] L 373: ROMAN LAMP

1914/06/01 ... NB74 P103 ... Broneer 1930, Corinth 4.2, cat. 919


[Corinth Object] L 1999 2: IMPORTED LATE ROMAN LAMP

Mouldmade lamp with flat bottom, shallow echinoid body, sharp angle from body to shoulder, broad sloping rim with raised ring around sunken disk, rounded nozzle, broad wickhole surrounded by flat band, ... 76 Context late 6th to 7th cent. A.D ... NB919 B4 P15