[Corinth Object] KL 1: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with flat bottom, body with max. diam. just above bottom, tapering slightly to narrow flat rim, projecting slightly on exterior. Large fill hole. Flat floor. Large rounded nozzle, not rising to height ... 1st half 6th c. B.C ... KL 1


[Corinth Object] KL 2: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with ring foot from which body extends out and up vertically to outward thickened flat, narrow rim, large fill hole. Short round nozzle with large wick hole that doesn't impinge on rim. Dull black ... 7th-6th c. B.C ... KL


[Corinth Object] KL 3: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with flaring ring foot, broad flat resting surface, groove articulating flat undersurface. Squat globular body, articulated flat rim, projecting slightly less than body and overhanging interior. Scar ... Late 7th or early 6th C. B.C ... KL 3


[Corinth Object] KL 4: LAMP BRONEER TYPE I

Lamp with echinoid body, contracting to base of offset rim. Horizontal lug handle, rectangular in plan, thin strap in section. Black glaze on rim; on handle 3 black stripes across width, with long stripe ... Late 7th-early 6th c. B.C ... KL 4

[Corinth Object] KL 5: LAMP

Potters' Quarter ... KL 5

[Corinth Object] KL 6: LAMP

Potters' Quarter ... KL 6



Lamp with flat bottom, shallow globular body, narrow flat rim only slightly thicker than thickness of body, very large fill hole; start of nozzle that ends below rim. Similar to KL-192 (Sillwell 1952, ... Late 7th-early 6th c. B.C ... rim. Similar to KL ... cat. 5, p. 255) and KL-200.


[Corinth Object] KL 8: LAMP

Potters' Quarter ... KL 8