[Corinth Object] L 1984 29: BRONNER TYPE XXVII LAMP

Disk of large lamp. Relief decoration on disk: satyr with head turned backward, left arm bent at elbow, dancing (?); large almond eye with pupil clearly distinguished, full beard, half-open mouth, horns ... 1984/05/07 ... L 1984 29

[Corinth Object] L 1985 34: PLASTIC LAMP: LION WORRYING BULL

Base with curving side and a molding defined by a groove at the top. Above, the forepart of a lion to the right attacking a bull's head (also to the right). The eyes of both animals are pierced. There ... 1985/05/31 ... L

[Corinth Object] L 1988 9B: MULTINOZZLE OPEN LAMP

See L-1988-9A See L-1988-9A See L-1988-9A Fragment. Single nozzle fragment, broken all around ... 1988/06/15 ... L